DIY isotonic sports drink

Isotonic sports drink - DIY

Ever wondered how to make your own natural isotonic sports drink? Easy as pie…

See how easy it really is and you’ll never spend money on commercial, overly sweet so-called nutritious sports drinks again. Made with just a few ingredients you’re likely to have at hand - cheers to your health!! 

Natural isotonic sports drink

100 ml lemon squeezed lemon juice
100 ml freshly squeezed orange juice
1 litre of still water 
1 teaspoon of natural honey
1g (pinch) of Himalayan salt
handfull of fresh mint leaves
4-6 ice cubes

Pour the juices and water into a glass jug or bottle.

Add salt and honey. 

Leave in a bottle until salt and honey dissolve, approx 1/2 hr. Shake well. 

Add mint leaves and ice cubes. 1 2 3 ... Ready set go! 

Makes 1.2 litres

Per serving:

Yes, it sure contains all of the above. However, dare we say...who cares ?!?
You've worked out hard - right? Your body deserves the best quality hydration it can get.  


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