Eating out

Eating out


Eating out? No problem!
Just follow these few simple rules to stay on track

Following a low-calorie diet programme  does not mean that you can’t enjoy eating out anymore. 

The simplest tip when planning your out-of-home meals is: whenever possible, try to follow the rules of the Healthy Eating Pyramid and be aware of the Glycemic Index of particular foods. 

However, when planning to eat out, be it a dinner or a supper at a restaurant, it's worth keeping in mind the following rules:

  • do not skip earlier meals
  • it is important to have breakfast and a light lunch; do not go to a restaurant hungry
  • quality, not quantity, is what counts the most.

    When eating out, it is quite easy to go over your diet programme's recommended limits. Hence you need to carefully assess the size of each dish and try not to eat more than you'd normally do at home.

    • avoid high-calorie starters, appetizers and snacks, for example such as bread
    • choose dishes that have been cooked, barbequed or roasted, rather than fried
    • opt for low-fat dishes, such as pasta with fresh tomato sauce instead of cream-based sauce
    • enquire about the ingredients and the way your dish has been prepared
    • if possible, ask for a larger serving of vegetables – this will satisfy your hunger but furnish only a low amount of calories
    • try to give up on sauces on your salads, potatoes or meat, as they are particularly high in calories
    • if food is served buffet- or smorgasbord-style, it's best to start with salads, and follow with small servings of main courses
    • eat slowly, savouring every bite
    • remember you can always say: “No, thank you”, when being offered a second helping
    • if a meal is too large, you can always share it with others
    • when choosing a dessert, it’s better to opt for fresh fruits than a cake or any dessert with chocolate or whipped cream
    • when choosing drinks, best go for water or freshly squeezed, low sweet juices
    • alcoholic drinks should be kept to a minimum, as they are high in calories.

    Choose wisely - check what's on the menu

    What's more, before going to a restaurant you can go online to check its menu, so you know what's worth ordering and what's best to be avoided. Another good idea is to make your own list of healthy restaurants, serving tasty and nourishing food.

    Most important, however, is that you make informed choices, diversify your meals, eat moderate amounts – and enjoy it.

    And finally, a serving of enlite.me, eaten before going to a restaurant, may help stave off your hunger and prevent you from needlessly ordering too much food.


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