enlite.me & keeping active

enlite.me & keeping active


When you commit to an enlite.me weight loss plan we want you to succeed and we want you to be healthy and happy. We're interested in you as a whole person. As part of our program we want you to develop habits of health and well-being that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

So as part of your enlite.me weight loss plan we recommend 30 minutes of light exercise daily. Why? Because if you combine enlite.me VLCD meal replacements with daily exercise you'll maximize your chances of getting those weight loss results you've been wanting.

enlite.me weight loss plans are based on a low calorie intake and this doesn't give you enough energy to start a vigorous training schedule but this doesn't mean you shouldn't exercise.

So how much should I do?

Just 30 minutes of pleasant light exercise in the morning or evening – whichever suits your lifestyle – and you'll see the results.

Some people like to get out in the morning when the day is new and get their exercise done before their daily activities start.

Others like to wind down in the late afternoon or evening by doing some exercise to loosen up and reduce stress.

We're all different so whatever time of day suits you that's fine. It's important that it works for you and your lifestyle.

So, what's light exercise?

Walking, yoga, cycling or dancing are all light exercise activities that suit most people. Again, avoid making it too vigorous while you're using enlite.me meal replacements for weight loss.

A pleasant walk for 30 minutes, yoga class, a relaxing bike ride or 30 minutes of your favourite type of dance. That's all it takes.

You'll find that as you start to lose weight on your enlite.me diet plan you'll start to burn fat earlier in your exercising and you'll keep burning fat when your exercising moves to a higher intensity because your body will be more fit and efficient.

But remember to begin with just 30 minutes of light exercise daily when you start your enlite.me weight loss program.

Keep fit

As you expand your diet programme, you will need to increase the intensity of exercise. How the training will affect your body mass, depends on your age as well as the type and intensity of exercise.

It's best to choose the type of activity or exercise that you enjoy the most, because physical activity will now be an integral part of your new, healthy lifestyle.

The support we receive from our loved ones is also of great importance, so if possible, try to get involved in a sport that your family or friends are likely to enjoy as well.


Manage your weight and control diabetes in a safe and healthy way

enlite.me VLCD is a proven, effective, healthy, safe and convenient weapon against overweight and obesity. When combined with relevant aesthetic medicine treatment, with at least some moderate-intensity physical activity and with self- motivation, it allows you to get rid of excessive kilograms, helps prevent serious illnesses and significantly improves the quality of life.

The enlite.me smart.diet allows you to quickly lose excessive weight without exposing your body to the risk of protein and electrolyte imbalance, often associated with fasting.

nutritional balance by enlite.me

Each enlite.me meal replacement sachet is enriched with all the natural vitamins and trace minerals you need for complete nutrition and provides you with at least 33% of your daily requirements.

enlite.me products are suitable for type 2 diabetics, since they don’t contain sugar or other harmful sweeteners, such as aspartame. They are also free of any kinds of trans fats. However, people suffering from diabetes should be under constant medical care to make sure that correct drugs are being prescribed during the weight loss process.

You can refer to us as VLCD, LCD, MR, TDR, IF, or even TLC, we will not get offended!

Are you hungry for health? 


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