Healthy eating for the rest of your life

healthy eating forever

It’s a truth trumpeted in the press on a daily basis – we’re overweight and sedentary and it’s killing us. The 2014-2015 Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study by the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare (AIHW) indicated 11.2 million adult Australians aged 25 years and over (63%) were overweight. Of these, close to 5 million (28%) were obese.
The increase in numbers is alarming. Study from 1999-2000 show these statistics as 56% and 21% respectively.

Children are also greatly affected - one in 4 children aged 5-17 is overweight or obese.

There's a new kind of epidemic out there. Combatting it calls for adequate measures.

Healthy eating for the rest of your life

There have been significant increases in the proportions of overweight and obese Australians over the last 35 years. From 1980 to 2015, for people aged 25-64 years, the proportion of overweight women increased from 27% to 56%, and the proportion of overweight men increased from 47% to 71%. On average, women in 2015 weighed 5.6 kg more than their counterparts in 1980, and men 4.4 kg more.

This is obviously fertile ground for a plethora of diets – both faddish and feasible. enlite.me might not be a name as familiar as Atkins, Weight Watchers or Paleo, but it is well regarded and extremely well credentialed. It has been developed with good nutrition and low fat as its principles.

The diet’s originators believe it is the perfect diet for reasons including its ease of use and relative low cost, nutritional assurance, healthy fundamentals and capacity to produce excellent weight loss in the desired time-frame. Plus, and this is the main factor for people embarking on a diet, it tastes good and combines variety.

All the programs are based around a nutritionally complete formula food providing 100% of the Recommended Daily Allowance of all vitamins, minerals and trace elements available. The system comes in a range of flavours as individual meals in sachets of powder which are mixed with water to produce soups and smoothies. The range is available in a number of flavours, each representing a balanced meal of about 210 kcal.

Formulations and energy levels comply with worldwide health legislation, the results are the same, according to satisfied followers: excellent weight loss and high energy levels.

enlite.me involves four plans:

enlite.one - for rapid weight loss, helping to break high carbohydrate addiction

enlite.comfort - a less rigorous option, for people with challenging family and social commitments

enlite.balance – calorie controlled diet, to develop the right mind-set and healthy eating habits

enlite.life - for maintenance and long-term weight management.

This kind of structured preparation is far better that the common scenario of starting a diet at 7am on a Monday morning – after one last massive fling over the weekend!

Preparation is key

An enlite.me specialist can help you establish a number of important factors: whether the time is right and the suitable program you should follow, your background, weight history – all these factors have an impact. The preparation phase is the time to reduce food intake gradually, especially if you will use enlite.one to lose weight. Reduce the levels of carbohydrate, fats and sugar before you start.

Begin 1 or 2 steps above your weight loss program. For example, if enlite.comfort (1000 kcal) was going to be used for weight loss, start on enlite.life (1600 kcal) for three days, then move down to enlite.balance (1200 kcal) for four days before starting the weight loss. Gradually increase the amount of water you drink – especially important for those who have a history of constipation.

Losing weight, according to the enlite.me, is the easiest part of the weight management process. On enlite.one, you will have three (or four if you are a man or above 175cm/5ft 8in) enlite.me meals every day – and no other food. You should also drink plenty of water (at least eight glasses per day).

The first few days will be exciting, as you lose weight every day. It is highly motivating to continue. You will feel better and healthier than you have ever felt in your life because your body is receiving everything it needs.

You may feel hungry during the first three days, particularly during the evening. Either do something to keep your mind very occupied or go to bed early with a good book. After a few days you will not feel hungry at all. Remember that if you do eat you will feel very hungry, because any extra food will stimulate your appetite.

After a couple of weeks, you may experience several days when you do not lose weight. It is very likely that you are losing fat but retaining water in a process known as “plateauing”.

The next phase is stabilization. The higher-level enlite.me programs – from 800 to 1400cal – can be used for stabilization as well as weight loss. In stabilization, you supplement enlite.me meals with selected foods. This will help to ensure long-term weight maintenance, but will also prevent short-term weight regain. This stabilization builds towards the final level of energy intake required to achieve a long-term stable weight.

If the recommendations are followed to the letter then you should continue to shed a little more weight during this period of stabilization. For this reason, there is no need to go below target weight to allow for rebound weight-gain as there will be none once weight loss has stopped.

The final step, maintenance usually begins when weight loss stops, and can start at about 1400-1600 kcal per day. However, it will vary because the recommended daily energy intake figures are 2000 kcal for women and 2500 kcal for men.

There is a danger that after the thrill of the weight loss phase, all the old reasons for being overweight could return. enlite.me four-stage process helps you to understand the reasons for your original overweight, and the stabilization adds selected healthy food choices. In the maintenance stage, you can continue this healthy eating and increasing the levels of activity.


How did Phil set about tackling his problem?

Satisfied and recently svelte, Phil Jenkins decided it was time to get serious about his health and weight loss over Christmas last year, following a summer of living indulgently. “We had Christmas with my family and my mum makes amazing creamy cakes. Add to that the amount I was drinking and the fried foods I love – I needed to do something about it,” he says. “I am diabetic and my sugar levels had really jumped. I felt really low on energy and decided to get serious about losing some weight.”

As Phil explains: “I did it in combination with going to the gym and exercising. That put me in a position that once I lost the weight, I could give myself a reward with normal meals. I’ve tried a lot of diets, but this one was actually easy to stick with. The shakes and soups were fulfilling and tasted great, compared to other plans. I lost 4.5kg in one week.”

Aside from feeling vigorous and back to firing on all cylinders, Phil says one of the best aspects of slimming down was to be able to get back into his collection of stylish suits. “I love clothes – always have. Now I feel comfortable getting out all my suits and wearing fitted shirts instead of hiding behind all the layers and baggy clothing.”

Keep a tab on your weight – it affects all too many facets of your life

Many people continue to use enlite.me once or twice a day, not only to control energy intake but to carry on getting the benefits of good nutrition. Not only for your appearance, but more importantly for your health and wellbeing, keep a regular check on your weight. When your body weight is increased by more than five pounds above your ideal weight, it is time to take prompt action. This can be done by cutting out a conventional meal and having a enlite.me meal instead.

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