How losing close to 20kg helped me discover my inner and outer beauty

I lost 20kg with enlite.me



I have tried various diets for the last 10 years. Usually, however, it ended with even bigger hunger and gaining back more weight. I am a working woman and I did not have time or energy to watch the caloricity of meals, spend hours in the kitchen to prepare food for the whole day. I opted for the easy fixes - bread, donuts, candy - and so I reached 88 kg. 


Turning point – the moment my husband compared me to his mother in law…

During Christmas, I prepared a lot of traditional dishes. It was supposed to be delicious and sumptuous. When I sat down to the table and began Christmas Eve, my husband suggested that I should not put so much on the plate. I was upset. Nobody likes to be picked on.

There was an argument, after which I already knew that I was not attractive to my husband, that I was turning into his not-so-favourite mother in law, and that soon I will not be able to fit in our bed. I left the house for a long walk. After returning, I was determined to do something with myself.

I lost 20kg with enlite.me

A friend of mine recommended the enlite.me diet. I had many unsuccessful attempts to lose weight while using conventional diets, so I needed something else. Something that disciplined me, but at the same time ease the burden of thinking about the nutritional content, calories, eating times and long poring in the kitchen.

Doctors’ orders

I was afraid to dive right into this diet, so before I decided on the most rigorous weight loss program, I reached for the lighter enlite.life path in which I replaced one meal daily with enlite.me sachet.

I liked the offered flavours. The meals were delicious, healthy and filling. So I decided to deal with slimming seriously. The first step was a consultation with Dr. Tilszer - a doctor who explained to me many things about rational weight loss. She gave me the go ahead to start enlite.me.

I felt so attractive and full of life, I changed my whole wardrobe

Today I weigh less than 70 kg with a height of 172 cm. I am in the clothes from many years ago, but really trying on them just for pleasure - I felt so attractive that I replaced my wardrobe with a whole lot more courageous pieces.

I have acquired the awareness of being beautiful, but also the importance of healthy weight loss. On the enlite.me diet I felt full of energy and willingness to live, thanks to a 100% content of vitamins and nutrients in meals.

I lost 20kg with enlite.me

Sometimes I regret that the diet is over - it was so quick to prepare, simple, pleasant and tasty! From time to time, I reach for the enlite.me sachet. When the excess of duties does not allow me to prepare a healthy meal or when I crave something sweet, without feeling guilty.

My new healthy lifestyle

I learned to find and eat balanced meals containing high-quality protein and carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, and the recommended amounts of fibre and healthy fats. My kitchen has also undergone a metamorphosis - life with enlite.me is not a diet, it's a lifestyle I choose to follow.

I lost 20kg with enlite.me

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