Cultivating Peace of Mind: How Self-Care Helps

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There are many ways modern life impacts the state of our mental health. We are all stretched so thin, with no time to sit down and relax.

Unfortunately, that hectic pace can lead to illness and mental unrest. It’s time to take back your health and, for once, focus on yourself.


Cultivating Peace of Mind: How Self-Care Helps

Try Mindfulness

Nearly half of our days are spent outside of the present. Instead, we zone out. Unfortunately, the more we tune out, the less happy we may become. However, the act of being mindful can help. It means being present and deliberately conscious of each moment. You aren’t thinking of the past or worrying about the future. You’re focused on what you are doing in the here and now, which cuts down on a lot of stress.

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This applies to all aspects of our lives, such as when we sit down to enjoy a meal. It not only helps us curtail unhealthy eating habits, but it also allows us to enjoy our food more. The act of being mindful takes the anxiety out of the equation because we aren’t projecting fear into the future or lingering on mistakes from the past.

Make Home a Paradise

When you get home, you should feel at ease. One way to nurturing this is to create a space just for you, where you can really be at peace. It could be an old office or even a nook in your bedroom - the most important aspect is that it is comfortable. Decorate it with someplace comfy to sit and in colors that are calming. You can put up pictures you love as well, of family, of nature, or whatever brings you joy.

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What you do here is up to you, but make sure it instills you with tranquility. Don’t think that because you have tried one meditation technique that none work for you. There are dozens upon dozens of ways to meditate. Some are active forms as well, so you don’t need to simply sit still for 30 minutes; instead, you could try yoga or a walking meditation. Experiment and try different types until you find one you enjoy.

Our bodies are our homes, and we need to look after and care for them the way we look after our houses. That involves eating healthy foods, working out regularly, and getting plenty of sleep - at least eight hours’ worth a night. When you do, you lower your risk of illness, snack less, and actually improve your memory and emotional well-being.

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That does not mean sleeping only a few hours a night during the week and then trying to make up for it on the weekends; you are still just as likely to increase illness and do damage to your body. To sleep better, exercise a little every single day, but not too late in the evening. Make sure your meals are nutritious, and avoid alcohol and caffeine before bedtime. Try to avoid afternoon naps, as these too can interfere with our sleep cycles and throw them off-kilter. 

Stop Overworking Yourself

Working until you’re exhausted is bad for your physical and emotional health. It leads to illness, poor work quality, and can contribute to stress and depression. In fact, being overworked is so bad for you that you may increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by nearly 50 percent. If you are working yourself to the bone, you need to ask why. What does this do for you that is so important you risk your health? There is nothing worth losing your happiness and wellness over. It may be time to learn to say 'no' and step back to lower your stress levels.

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We can all benefit from slowing our pace. You don’t need to make every change, but you may find that the more alterations you make, the better you feel. You deserve peace. Feel better physically, emotionally, and mentally by practicing just a bit of self-care every single day.

Guest writer: 
Brad Krause


Here at enlite.me we will support you in all your efforts towards attaining your long-term weight loss and maintenance as well as your ongoing vitality and wellbeing.

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