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Worldwide clinical studies show consistently that the most effective weapon in the war with excessive weight is a low-energy nutrient-rich diet. enlite.me offers ready-made, properly balanced and fully nutritious meals, which let you lose weight without feeling hungry.

Lose weight fast in a safe and healthy way with enlite.me – naturally!

Controlled reduction of body weight and its maintenance at a recommended level is an important aspect of everyone's healthy lifestyle.

Given the numerous negative effects of obesity, which has grown to become a global problem, dealing with it is a paramount task. An effective obesity treatment is a complex, multifaceted and multistage process.

Many methods, programmes and diets have been used to treat obesity. Yet worldwide clinical studies, both those from the past and these carried out today, show consistently that the most effective weapon in the war with excessive kilograms is a low-energy nutrient-rich diet.

enlite.me – the modern day diet

The enlite.me programme is an exceptionally effective body weight reduction and maintenance method, devised by Australian specialists on the basis of worldwide scientific research and the latest developments in the field of low-calorie diets.

enlite.me both draws from the many years of experience in dealing with obesity, and focuses on addressing the needs of individuals.

enlite.me is a flexible method of body weight control which can be easily adjusted to one's individual needs, lifestyle and goals.

It can help you achieve a defined goal and maintain your weight at a desired level in the long term, at the same time ensuring rational nutrition based on proven benefits of soy protein.

Unlike many other dietary programmes, enlite.me diet has been attuned to the busy lifestyle of a modern individual, preoccupied with pursuing a career and other activities – a generation that does not have the time to count calories or prepare complicated meals at the most inconvenient times.

enlite.me offers ready-made, tasty, healthy, properly balanced and fully nutritious meals, which let you lose excessive kilograms without feeling hungry and thus without such side effects as irritation, mood-lowering, difficulties with concentration, lower resistance to stress or ill-disposition – side effects all too well known to anyone who has ever tried a slimming method chosen because of its slick advertisement rather than on its merits.

enlite.me offers you the only ready-made dietary meals on the market containing high-protein, fibre-rich soy extract which lowers low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and brings about a significant body weight loss while preserving your muscle mass. It has also been reported that soy extract is a potent tumor growth inhibitior.

Effectiveness of a soy-protein-based diet in comparison to a traditional low-calorie diet in the reduction of body weight and concentration of lipids in adults suffering from obesity.

In comparison to traditional low-calorie diets, the soy-protein-based low-calorie diets are more effective at reducing the level of total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol in blood serum, as well as the percentage of fat in the body. Thus, soy-protein-based diets reduce not only your body weight, but also the lipid levels in your blood.

Our products supply your body with the required amount of vitamins and minerals, and do not contain gluten, lactose, preservatives, artificial coloring, flavour enhancers, trans-fatty acids, sugar or aspartame. They are completely safe for people suffering from diabetes as well as those following a gluten-free or vegetarian diet. They can also be easily combined with vegetables, groats, lean meat or fish.

When you are on the enlite.me diet, your body promply produces ketone bodies which increase your energy, improve your focus, suppress appetite, and once transported into the brain – boost it into a state of natural intellectual stimulation. Ketogenesis is a purely physiological process, resulting in body weight reduction and general fitness and wellbeing. Furthermore, it has been proposed that actively engaging in behaviours promoting ketogenesis could help manage the effects of some cancers.

The enlite.me diet allows you to quickly lose excessive weight without exposing your body to the risk of protein and electrolyte imbalance, often associated with fasting.

The objective of the enlite.me programme is to improve the condition of the body as well as that of the spirit.

In sum, enlite.me is a proven, effective, healthy, safe and convenient weapon against obesity. When combined with relevant aesthetic medicine treatment, with at least some moderate-intensity physical activity and with self- motivation, it allows you to get rid of excessive kilograms, helps prevent serious illnesses and significantly improves the quality of life.

Excellent appearance and healthy body are not a mere vain fancy – it's a natural element of a healthy lifestyle which ensures happiness, satisfaction and superb well-being, as confirmed by medical professionals all over the world.

Fast, healthy and safe. Naturally. 

Each enlite.me meal replacement sachet is enriched with all the natural vitamins and trace minerals you need for complete nutrition and provides you with at least 33% of your daily requirements.

nutrition chart

Three enlite.me servings provide 100% of all the recommended daily allowances (RDAs) your body needs, ensuring safe, fast, easy and effective weight loss.

To help you feel satisfied and optimise your metabolism our meals are high in protein and fibre, low in fat and sodium.



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