About enlite.me

about enlite.me

Ladies and Gentleman

It is with undiluted pleasure that I present to you enlite.me, a modern weight reduction and control programme, customized to the needs of the present-day, discerning user. These are ready-to-use products, shakes and soups, each containing 33% of your body's daily nutrient requirements, including natural vitamins and minerals.

It is currently the only dietary product of such composition and quality on the market, and one which can form the foundation for the healthiest, safest and most natural process of reducing unwanted kilograms.

For great many years I have witnessed thousands of people wrestle with their goal of either losing excessive weight, or trying to prevent it. In 2002, I became the distributor of one of the leading European dietary products for the Australian and New Zealand markets. People who were contacting me were rarely doing it because of the ailments associated with obesity, in most cases it was primarily for aesthetic reasons. And as a rule, they usually had already tried, more than once, to lose weight. Unfortunately, in most cases - unsuccessfully. Their failure resulted from a number of reasons:

  • they were looking for a wonder-diet with a guarantee of speedy loss of weight,
  • they tried a brand new bogus weight loss method,
  • they were made to believe in the effectiveness of substances (including those purchased in pharmacies) whose effects have not been proven by any scientific research,
  • they were reluctant to follow a dieting programme, which they perceived to be unsatisfactory because of the length of time it required.

    Yet the one and only truly effective way of reducing and maintaining weight, as well as improving one's health, is what all the specialists have been repeating like mantra – "eat less, exercise more".

    Maintaining your weight should not, however, be associated with a string of sacrifices and complicated rules and formulas.

    enlite.me is a weight control programme which will help you get through the uneasy process of losing weight in a natural, healthy and safe way. It is a flexible weight management method, which can be easily adjusted to one's individual needs, lifestyle and goals. The programme has been created based on the latest worldwide research into weight loss and maintenance, which has shown that balanced, low energy formulas with full nutritional value have for years proven to be the most effective method of obesity treatment.

    As part of this programme we offer you a wide choice of healthy and nutritious products, balanced in accordance with the recommended daily intake of minerals, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates.

    Proper nutrition and convenience are the crux of enlite.me programme 

    Experiences and observations, gathered over time and backed up by over 80 years of independent dietetics research led us into developing a new, proprietary diet, enlite.me - a meal formula, revolutionary in its simplicity, which bridges old eating habits with the new healthy diet model.

    The enlite.me programme arose from faith in the purport of healthy lifestyle. It is a tool, which facilitates a fast and effective development of long-term healthy lifestyle habits. It guarantees results, and does not require laborious preparation of meals, counting of calories or subjecting one's life to the rigours of slimming – simply put, it is the diet for our era.

    Why is enlite.me better than other VLCD type diets? Because it has been developed recently, and is based on the latest scientific research. Its composition and quality comply with the very strict health protection guidelines. Furthermore, it takes into account the requirements of end users, which have evolved significantly over the last several years: it is gluten free, lactose free and MSG (monosodium glutamate) free. It is safe for people with type 2 diabetes, hypertension and other ailments. It is composed exclusively of natural ingredients, and first and foremost… it tastes great! 

    Despite the fact that obesity is currently one of the top most serious nutritional problems in the world, doctor's surgeries are not equipped to battle this epidemic, so costly for our health care systems. Far too often healthy lifestyle is being superseded by prescriptions for drugs lowering your cholesterol, blood pressure or blood sugar levels, while a programme, helping to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, might prove to be a real and natural blessing for all those patients suffering from diabetes, hypertension or circulation disorders.

    And so, the time has come for more people, often desperate in their struggle with excess weight, to get to know the effectiveness of the enlite.me diet, which has already been used successfully by many people in many countries around the world.

    Our website will provide you with a more detailed description of the properties and applications of enlite.me diet, and I heartily encourage you to read on.

    To your health, 

    Agnieszka Czarnecka
    Founder of enlite.me