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People on the go need food on the go

Our relationship with food is unique to each one of us. That's because through the years, we've come to use our food not only to satisfy a biological need, but also to make a social statement. Food photos, anyone? Food defines us, to some extent, and it's a reflection of our beliefs.

As people begin to understand the effect of commercially available food on their bodies, some are looking for alternatives. But eating healthily doesn't just happen. There's a learning curve when it comes to making the most of the food available to you, and making the right choices for your body.

If you've recently changed your diet or you're considering a new approach to food at this very moment, you know that going meat-free, gluten-free, lactose-free or sugar-free isn't all that easy. You need to commit time and effort – the opposite of 'free'.

To make matters worse, food providers and promoters can resort to exaggerated claims and irresponsible marketing techniques. They try to appeal to your emotions rather than logic, to convince you to try their products. Passé, no?!

But the fact of the matter is that you're not just doing this to shed a few kilos or to blend in with the vegan crowd. You're doing this because you lead a busy life and your health is at stake. You want to take what you put into your body into your own hands, metaphorically speaking.

Luckily, you now have a choice. There are better options out there that don't take that much time. You can commit to these alternatives not out of necessity, but out of personal interest, and with a certain degree of pride. Who's with me?

So, say goodbye to designer diets, food fads and trendy 'health' tips with no evidence to back up those claims. They simply won't do anymore. It's time to get behind the truly advanced, convenient and effective meal replacement solution: smart.food.

Let's shake up the food scene with smart.food!

People, it's time we got to grips with our nutrition. Here's why:

Everyone's a Food Critic

Unless you’re a fully-fledged recluse, you're probably fed up with people criticising or generalizing about your cooking, your weight, your food spend, and your eating habits. Here we are, 21st century adults, acting like eating is some sort of competition. Spare us the drama, please!

You know those stereotypes: we're obsessed with sweets, we eat too much, we can't cook, we binge on fast-food, we yo-yo diet, we never cook from scratch, we take our food tips from social media, and we splurge hundreds on food every week. Harsh!

These assumptions are all ridiculous. But we allow them to manifest into everyday life, perpetuating these attitudes, because we're non-confrontational by nature. 'There was some sand here, somewhere, wasn't there? Don't mind us while we dunk our heads down deep to drown out the static.'

The Spoon claims nearly half of millennials cook and eat at home every day, and about a third opt for home-delivery. Of those who cook at home, more than a quarter spend two hours making their meals. Of those with children, 9 out of 10 put nutritional value before price, according to Influenster.

Here's a dose of irony for you. Considering nutrition labels only came about in our lifetime, and we are, according to SpecialtyFood, the most likely people to read them, we're probably the most health-conscious generation in history. That's right, we said it!

Food matters more to us than opinions

Let's not also overlook the fact that there are 2 billion millennials out there, according to ATKearney. That's 27% of the world's population, give or take. To generalize about our eating, cooking and spending habits would be silly. But what's the point in arguing, right?! (tongue in cheek)

Unfortunately for us, we can't block people in real life as gracefully as we would on social media. So, we put up with unsolicited advice and opinions on a regular basis. Sure, we occasionally also post a food pic publicly, but only because it's brag-worthy. It's not an invitation for people to comment on our eating habits. Ain't it the truth?

What are we getting at with this? Comments won't change our eating habits, good or bad. We're masters at influencing others, but when it comes to getting inside our heads, we're a very tough nut to crack. Speaking of which, let's talk nuts.

The future is smart. The future is smart.food

We've done our research. Nielsen's Snack Attack consumer report says that people around the world look for snacks that tick one or more of these boxes:

  • pre-packed and low-prep foods like meal replacements;
  • high-protein foods like nuts, granola bars, and lean meat;
  • better-for-you foods, such as fruit and veg;
  • raw or easy-to-cook meals, convenient for people on the go.

So, clearly, there's a global trend toward healthier food. It's also obvious that people are shifting their focus to unconventional food products, such as meal replacements. But not all meal replacement products were made equal.

Enter enlite.me smart.food

smart.food is, in all modesty, a cut above other meal replacements. Why, you ask? Because:

Destination Health Central

The Internet is awash with meal replacement products promising the moon. Well, smart.food is awash with nutrients. As a matter of fact, it's made exclusively of nutritious ingredients. You simply can't top that!

Massive Energy Boost

Sometimes, good things come in small packages, including a cracking energy boost. smart.food is as small as they get. It's a pocket-sized sachet weighing in at about 60g, and it packs a fierce punch – around 220 kcal, to be more specific. Tap that into your fitness app!

Low-prep, clean and fast

You don't see much point in cooking, eating or cleaning for hours. Even so, you probably end up spending most of your spare time doing all three of these things every single day. Drop the pan and hit the smart.food stand!

Cheaper than conventional meals

Have you seen the price on that avocado? Eating healthily is soooo expensive! But it doesn't need to be that way. smart.food shakes cost a fraction of the price you'd pay for a full-course meal. End of story.

Weight loss is a bonus

...and a very welcome one, too. There's no need to commit to a full-blown diet if you want to maintain your weight. Replacing a few meals with smart.food on a regular basis will help you shake off a few pounds naturally. But if you're serious about losing that muffin top, enlite.me smart.food can help with that, too. Keep track of your calorie intake, and keep those taste buds happy. It's called having your cake, and eating it too. We dedicated a whole section to this topic, here. 

Your shake, your way, no bull

There's something very empowering in being able to have your food whenever you like, however you like. Perhaps breaking bread and chatting over frozen yogurt isn't your thing. Maybe you can't stand the smell of food in the morning, but you'd love to have breakfast in bed every day. With smart.food by enlite.me, all that's up to you.

Shakes: the good, the bad and the unscrupulous 

Protein shakes are no longer the body-builder snacks they once were. Now they're being pushed as nutrition supplements or meal replacements for people on the go.

Indeed, some shakes - not the protein-based ones, mind you - can be as healthy as a full-course meal. But you'd be right to take claims like those with a pinch of salt. There's only so much 'salt' you can have in a day, by the way, so let's cut the b[…]rine.

Workout powders, bars, tablets and drinks got their fair share of bad press. Stimulants like caffeine and steroids were found in some protein shakes, even though there was no mention of them on the ingredients list.

This is not to say that all those ingredients were harmful. After all, Vitamin D is a steroid, and caffeine is just as popular a drug as aspirin. But when anabolic steroids, diuretics and stimulants are hidden in products, this understandably raises a few eyebrows, as well as the odd monobrow.

Still, it's not just a matter of checking the label. According to the NHS, tens of illegal products were pulled off the UK market by the MHRA in recent times. The same goes for Australia, where 1 in every 5 supplements tested positive for banned substances in 2016, claims the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Agency. It's also worth mentioning that over-the-counter supplements can be just as harmful, especially if they interact with medication.

So, protein shakes still have a long way to go in shaking off that negative image. Some companies take a shortcut, simply rebranding them as complete meal replacements and promoting them for weight loss. This has helped draw support from regular gym-goers, especially since meal replacements are now being sold by gyms and health clubs. How convenient!

Luckily, meal replacements are regulated by national and international authorities. So, before you buy any of these highly touted meal replacement products, check the regulator's logo. Does it look original? What do agency guidelines say? Also, if they're imported products, take a gander at the local food standards authority, and see if the guidelines match your local ones.

smart.food - when you're hungry for health

Craving faster, more convenient, more nourishing, more slimming, and – dare we say it – more ethical food? enlite.me developed a collection of delectable smoothies and flavoursome soups and smoothies that tick all those boxes.

Our protein shakes are nutritionally complete, devoid of MSG, sugar, preservatives, cholesterol and GMO, and low in sodium and fat. Modesty aside, they're as smart as smart food gets.

smart.food is ideal for you if you're:

  • Active and health-conscious or in need of a lifestyle change;
  • A student on a budget or a corporate worker that's always on the go;
  • A digital nomad, a globetrotter or a plugged-in parent with a busy schedule;
  • An allergy sufferer, diabetic, lactose intolerant, or prone to GI distress;
  • A finicky eater who dislikes the texture, taste or smell of most foods;
  • Simply too tied up in work or study to cook and eat regularly.

You're busy, aren't you? Whether you're at work, in class, hiking, yachting, cycling, camping, in the middle of a run, or enjoying your leisure time at home, a tasty smart.food treat will rev up your energy levels to new heights. Don't worry about going hungry or losing your focus mid-way through the day. These snappy smoothies last you for hours on end.

Have a snack when you're feeling peckish, enjoy the occasional smoothie on the go, or rewire your entire lifestyle with a smart.food exclusive diet. Forget designer food, take-aways, street food and fast-food. Pack a couple of our smoothie sachets, and go enjoy your day knowing a few seconds and a dash of water is all it takes to perk up and pick up where you left off.

Never again worry about going hungry, feeling like you have an empty stomach, being dizzy, having headaches, hearing your stomach rumble in public, or losing your concentration when you need it the most.

Whether it's the occasional pick-me-up or the foundation for an entirely new approach to life, smart.food has got you covered. Here's what you can do to improve your diet with smart.food:

Swap fast-food for smart.food

Take-aways and fast-food are undeniably yummy and convenient. So, why would you give them up? Well, smart.food is even faster than fast-food, to begin with. All you need is a bottle of warm water and, hey presto, soup's on! In fact, if all you want is a smoothie, you can make do with cold water. Check out our Hearty Tomato Soup and our Vanilla Dream shake. Yum!

Feeling peckish? Make yourself a quick snack on the go with nothing more than your water bottle. Shake up a smoothie in your lunch break. Have a cool chocolate shake en route to a client. Whichever way you look at it, smart.food sachets are simply faster and even more convenient.

Say goodbye to bad eating habits with smart.food

Unhealthy food is a fact of life. It's fast, it's tempting, and it's everywhere. That wouldn't be much of a problem, were it not for the fact that unhealthy eating habits are just as pervasive. Oftentimes, our eating habits are based solely on accepted wisdom with no scientific basis. Here are some examples of bad eating habits:

  • overeating;
  • night-time noshing;
  • snack stashing;
  • skipping breakfast;
  • emotional eating;
  • not chewing our food properly.

We do all these things. Here we are, 21st century adults eating like there's no tomorrow – as this study puts it. We expect to last the day with only the nutrients inside a take-away bag.

We then rely on sweets for a quick pick-me-up. We fill up on nicotine and caffeine at the office to keep us going 40 hours per week or more. Then there's the alcohol, too. Let's not go there!

smart.food does away with all that. Preparing a hearty and guilt-free meal takes mere seconds. So, there's no need to worry if you skipped breakfast or you want a late-night snack. Forget counting your bites and chews, worrying about carb dosage, or waking up feeling puffy and slow. Now you can have your Thai to go - at home!

Doesn't compromise on taste or texture

Some meal replacement products are bland, chalky, and with an unpleasant aftertaste. Not ours! smart.food is formulated with just the right amount of good fat, protein and carbs to lock in the taste of a hearty meal.

Milky shake, creamy soup or thick porridge – have yours whichever way you like it. Blending essential oils, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes, our shakes have the smooth and velvety texture of soup, but without the cholesterol. Craving a porridge, but not that keen on starch? smart.food makes for a delicious starch-free porridge with no added sugar. Goldilocks would approve.

Healthy for All

You don't need us telling you much of the food available in shops today is far from healthy, despite what the manufacturers may claim. Phrases like 'healthier alternative' come to mind.

Sugar-glazed fruit and nuts may be healthier for you than other foods, and they may come from a health food shop. But they could still be riddled with sugar, additives and allergens. So, not only are they unhealthy, but they could also be unsafe. Yikes!

When up to 250 million people suffer from food allergies across the globe, according to a study published in the World Allergy Organization Journal, it's clear to see that food safety is imperative. This is serious, people!

At enlite.me, we believe that food can only claim to be healthy when it's nutritionally complete, safe and wholesome for all. That's why our smoothies are made up of nutrients and nothing else. It's also one of the reasons we call our range smart.food – 'safe, wholesome and healthy' was taken.

enlite.me smart.food is kind to nature

You don't see the point of eating meat or you oppose it. Switching to meat-free meals is more than a personal choice for you alone: it's a social statement and it's starting to catch on. But being a vegetarian is hard work. smart.food is the solution. It's convenient, fast, filling and nutritious.

For the undecided, smart.food is a very convenient way to make that transition to a vegetarian diet. It's equally satisfying to die-hard meat eaters, and also a brilliant way to test the waters if you're undecided.

If you crave animal products but you'd like to cut down on meat, you can supplement your protein intake and enjoy a filling meal instantly thanks to enlite.me smart.food.

For those of our customers who would like to switch to an eco-conscious diet, or would like to minimize their carbon footprint, we recommend smart.food. Our products have no GMO, additives or preservatives, and they're vegan friendly.

Not just for gym buffs 

The phrase 'meal replacements' brings gyms and hospitals to mind. You instinctively think they're designed for people with poor nutrient intake or for sportspeople. But they're not all like that.

smart.food was made for the health-conscious; men and women of all ages and from all walks of life who have limited spare time but want to put their health first. Busy work schedules can get in the way of a hearty meal, but that shouldn't stop you from having the diet, the weight and the body you want.

smart.food explained

In a nutshell, smart.food is convenient, healthy, tasty, filling, slimming, natural, and ethical. But how?

To most people, the notion of a 'balanced' meal is vague. It's very easy to form bad cooking habits, to misjudge healthy portion sizes or to misunderstand how nutrients are processed in the body. So, let's take a look at what meal replacements are, and what they can do for you.

smart.food meal replacements: what are they?

Meal replacements come in many shapes and sizes. They can be liquid or solid, either ready-made or water-soluble. Ours are powders you mix with water to make delightful cold smoothies or warm soup.

They meet all the nutritional requirements of a varied and balanced meal, and then some. Macronutrients like protein, fibre, fat (the good kind), and carbohydrates, micronutrients like vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals like carotenoids and lycopene, as well as antioxidants are all included.

Local food safety authorities, such as the Food Standards Authority Australia New Zealand, establish a certain standards code that these powders must comply with. Current EU Commission Regulation, for instance, requires meal replacements to have an energy content between 200kcal and 250kcal.

Protein, fat, linoleic acid, and mineral content must also constitute a certain portion of the dietary reference values. So, all meal replacements must be nutrient dense and administered conveniently, with a statement of the recommended portioning.

smart.food complies with all of these requirements, as the endorsements on our labels show. Rest assured, our products are absolutely safe, fully compliant, and 100% guilt-free.

Meal replacement vs. supplement

smart.food is packed with minerals. So, why don't we just call them supplements? Well, 'meal replacements' and 'supplements' aren't the same thing.

You use a supplement alongside daily meals to boost your intake of certain nutrients. It's usually only a handful of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants or phytochemicals, and it targets a certain imbalance in your diet or deficiency in your body.

Take whey powder, for example. It can make a mean smoothie, it can be nourishing and filling, and it helps repair your muscles after intense workout. But it's not a meal replacement, because it's not nutritionally complete, in and of itself. It's – say it with us – a supplement.

How to get the most out of smart.food

Now that you've seen the countless ways in which smart.food is better for you than most types of foods and even other meal replacement products, you need to make sure that you get the most out of using Smart.food. Here's how to choose the right one for your lifestyle:

Browse our website. Look at the various meal replacements we offer, and ask yourself what type of shake or soup you'd like to try, when you'd like to use it, and how many times per day.

Read the labels. Our meal replacements are infinitely superior to others and undeniably wholesome, but if you have certain deficiencies or you need to watch your intake of specific nutrients, then please check our descriptions and labels. smart.food ingredients do not use stimulants, such as caffeine or sugar, to give you a quick boost of energy.

Use it wisely. smart.food meal replacements are an excellent way to improve your nutrition, but they are not designed to be used exclusively day in, day out. Your body still needs to process solid food. You may also develop taste fatigue, so it's best to alternate between regular meals and smoothies in the long run.

Don't spoil it. These fantastic energy-controlled powder smoothies will be sitting there, in front of you, just asking to be soaked up, stirred and shaken. But if you mix them with anything other than plain water, this may raise calorie count and affect how your body processes the nutrients.

Consistency is key. Enjoy them with water only, tweaking the concentration until it's just right. You can change the consistency of the meal, going from porridge at breakfast time to smoothie at lunch time and so on.

Make it yummy. The happier you are with the taste, the more likely you are to stick with Smart.food. You're welcome to try adding low-calorie flavourings like vanilla essence, cinnamon, cocoa and even a dash of coffee powder. These won't affect your energy levels much, and your palate will thank you for it.

Plan for perfection. Once you've figured out which smart.food products you prefer and how often you'd like to have each of them, it's time to plan. Are you prepared to replace the same meal every day, or would you rather go with the flow? Will you be having your shakes before or after exercise? Will you be snacking on smart.food at all, or will you need nuts and fruit?

Get in touch. We're here to help and answer your questions. If you have trouble finding the information you need on our website, and it's not something you need to consult a health professional with, then please feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

Map out your smart.food meal plan

Weight loss has never been easier - or so delicious, for that matter! If you'd like to put together a good food plan that you can stick to, you first need to find a mantra. Here's an example:

Refresh, Restore, Replenish

Refresh – keep those chocolate and vanilla shakes handy, and make yourself a frothy frappé first thing in the morning, on that boring night shift, or on the commute;

Restore – have your soup sachets at the ready whenever you need something with a bit of oomph to keep you going through the day;

Replenish - when hunger strikes, you need to be prepared, so reorder asap. Go on, we'll wait.

Make a leap - smart.leap

For a truly balanced diet without the calories, the effort or the palate fatigue, try the entire enlite.me smart.food protein shake collection. Never feel peckish or uncomfortably full after a meal, and spare yourself the trouble of finding, buying and cooking food on the go.

So, it's time to make a leap. Ask yourself: Would I like my meal choices to be more ethical? Would I be willing to experiment with new textures, tastes and ingredients? Do I want my food to be gluten-free, fat-free, GMO-free and/or sugar-free?

If you think you're ready to start fresh, then forget the food fads, the vlogs, the top restaurant picks and the ritzy recipe books. Put your money where your mouth is, and make sure your mouth is humming happily with a spoonful of smart food; delicious enlite.me smart.food, that is.

Our team will gladly answer any additional questions you might have.

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