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Before you embark on an enlite.me programme

Unsuccessful attempts at weight loss, or the yo-yo effect, may well discourage you from trying to reduce your body mass. It is therefore important that the goal you set is attainable. Diet should be adjusted in such a way as to ensure that the expected body mass reduction can be achieved within the expected time.

It is important to be aware that a low calorie diet will be most successful when combined with adequate physical activity and a lifestyle change. Support from family and friends, as well as their engagement in the process, cannot be overestimated either.

Before embarking on a diet, next to having the right motivation you should also start to gradually introduce changes into your lifestyle, including your eating habits. A week before starting the programme you should reduce your calorie intake, especially those from carbohydrates.

If in the transitional period you get hungry during the day, we recommend half or full serving of enlite.me to prevent snacking on high-calorie nibblies in-between meals.

It is desirable to cut down on bread, noodles, rice and sweets, while increasing the intake of liquids. Doing so when preparing for a diet programme will help ease the discomfort which may appear during the initial days of using a low calorie diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to lose weight?

To see whether you need to slim down, you should calculate your body mass index (BMI) first. If it is above 25, and your waistline exceeds 80 cm in women or 94 cm in men, weight reduction is highly recommended.   

Losing excess kilograms will help you maintain good overall health as well as better control your existing health problems.  

How much weight can I lose?

It depends on the enlite.me programme you are going to choose. Weight loss will range from 6 kg to 20 kg over a period of 4 to 20 weeks. 

Will I feel hungry while on the enlite.me diet?

No. Our meals are filling and provide high quality protein. Furthermore, when on enlite.one and enlite.comfort programmes, your body very quickly reaches the state of mild ketosis, which curbs hunger, makes you feel better and precipitates natural intellectual stimulation.

Is enlite.me diet safe?

Yes. The enlite.me programme has been developed based on over 80 years of solid scientific and clinical research, and is a healthy, effective and safe method of weight reduction and weight control for both women and men. Each serving of enlite.me is enriched with vitamins and minerals providing full sustenance, making up at least 33% of their required daily amount (GDA). Our products contain soy protein and fibre. They do not contain trans-fat, sugar, or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame.

I stopped feeling hungry after just 2 enlite.one meals, do I need to eat all 3 meals as recommended?  

Yes. Only three servings of enlite.me provide 100% of your daily requirement for vitamins, minerals and nutrients, which the body needs in order to function properly. Loss of appetite may be caused by the fat burning process, but we recommended that you eat at least 3 enlite.me meals a day.

Should I take additional vitamin or mineral supplements when on the enlite.me diet?

No. enlite.me products have been enriched with all the vitamins and minerals required for the correct body functioning, as recommended by scientific research.

Each meal provides at least 33% of required daily amount (GDA) of minerals and vitamins. Three meals provide 100% of GDA.

Unlike many other diets, the enlite.me programme does not require you to buy any additional supplements. enlite.me is a complete, fully balanced formula.

How much water should I drink during the programme and why?

Everyone should drink at least 1.5 litres of fluids per day, and even 2 litres when on a diet programme. Proper body hydration is an important element of caring about your health and well-being.  

Apart from water, what else can I drink? Can I drink alcohol?

Drinks allowed in reasonable amounts include: black coffee, black tea, green tea, herbal teas, mineral water, soda and other low-calorie beverages. Drinking alcohol is not recommended, as it contains mostly empty calories but little or no other nutrition, and may lead to weight gain.

Is enlite.me diet suitable for children?

Yes. enlite.comfort and enlite.balance plans may be used by children aged 16 and over, after medical consultation and under parental supervision. Overweight children need a somewhat different approach than adults, hence support given by the parents can be a great motivator for a young person dealing with the not so easy task of losing excess kilograms. It may also help them settle on a more suitable lifestyle and diet for the rest of their life.

Can I use enlite.me diet if I recently had a heart attack or stroke?

Yes. 3 months after the heart attack or stroke, and subject to medical consultation, you can start off with enlite.me diet. Should your doctor have any doubts regarding this, we would be more than happy to provide him with relevant scientific data on this subject, put together with  medical specialists in mind.

Can enlite.me diet be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not embark on any weight loss programmes without medical consultation.

Is enlite.me diet suitable for allergy sufferers?  

Yes. We have good news for allergy sufferers. enlite.me products do not contain allergens, such as lactose, casein, aspartame, preservatives, monosodium glutamate, artificial food colours and flavours, genetically modified ingredients or trans-fat.

Is the enlite.me diet suitable for diabetics?

Yes. enlite.me products are suitable for type 2 diabetics, since they don’t contain sugar or other harmful sweeteners, such as aspartame. However, people suffering from diabetes should be under constant medical care to make sure that correct drugs are being prescribed during the weight loss process.

Should I exercise whilst on a diet?

Physical activity is of great importance in the long-term weight control plan. Regular exercise has positive effect on metabolic rate and huge impact on one’s well-being. At least 30 minutes a day of light physical exercise, such as walking, marching, biking or dancing, is highly recommended. Enlite.me is a low-calorie diet and therefore does not provide the body with enough energy for intense physical exercise or training.

What about the yo-yo effect, will I revert to my previous weight?

Every change in your body weight is a signal to verify both the diet and exercise. After reaching a healthy weight level it is advisable to continue replacing one meal a day with an enlite.me product. This guarantees maintaining healthy weight as well as  ensures optimal nutrition.

Avoiding side-effects

Due to a considerable reduction in energy (calories) consumption when using low (LCD) or very low (VLCD) energy diets, a discomfort may be experienced during the first few days. Ample supply of fluids should ease typical ailments such as headache, constipation, nausea or vomiting.

A slowdown in body mass reduction is a frequent occurrence in the weight loss process. If rules of the enlite.me programme are not broken, it’s most likely caused by water retention. You need not worry about it, as your adipose tissue (body fat) is steadily being reduced. To make sure, you can perform a ketone test, available at any pharmacy.

Other causes of the slowdown may include: constipation, premenstrual symptom, hormone pills, stress, excessive physical exertion or hormone imbalance.

Headache and dizziness may result from insufficient fluid supply. To prevent this, you should make sure to drink about 2 litres of fluids daily. If the pain is really strong, you can take a painkiller.

Constipations usually affects people suffering from chronic constipation. If it happens in the course of a low (LCD) or very low (VLCD) energy diet, it may be a consequence of ingesting a small volume of highly-digestible products, resulting in smaller size fecal matter, which slows down peristalsis of the intestine. If this condition persists for more than 3 days, you might consider eating more high fibre products or perhaps taking herbal laxatives.

Nausea and vomiting may occur when a small meal contains high concentration of minerals and vitamins. To prevent such ailments, it’s good to drink a glass of water before meals to thin them out.

Diarrhoea, resulting from the digestive tract’s need to adapt to the new diet, recedes usually after 2-3 days. But it may also be caused be food allergy. If it lasts for more than 3-4 days, you might need to discontinue the diet.
In such a case you should consult your doctor in order to identify the cause.

In some cases, enlite.one or enlite.comfort diets may also cause halitosis (bad breath), resulting from ketosis, which is the consequence of a diet that is very low in carbohydrates.

To eliminate this symptom, you should drink more water and take better care of oral hygiene. Chewing fresh parsley will also help neutralise unpleasant odour.

Hair loss is extremely rare. It occurs only in people who previously had been using nutritionally unbalanced weight loss cures.


Due to the specific nature of the enlite.me programme it is advisable that prior to deciding on it you consult your doctor, as certain diseases preclude its use, while in some other cases its use might need to be individually adjusted.

Cardiovascular diseases, such as: heart attack, valvular insufficiency, congestive heart failure or arrhythmia, if experienced within the last 3 months, categorically preclude the use of enlite.me programme. Less severe illnesses require prior medical consultation.

In case of kidney, liver or pancreas diseases that require the modification of dietary guidelines, using the most rigorous enlite.one plan is also not advisable.

In the case of gout, which is caused by high concentration of uric acid in blood, your doctor will need to determine if the dose of medication you're taking should be modified, since during the first days of using a low calorie diet there's an increase in blood uric acid levels.

Hyperthyroidism makes using enlite.one programme absolutely inadvisable. If you suffer from hypothyroidism and are treated for it pharmacologically, can start the diet with the sequent plan, enlite.comfort. However, this will require your doctor’s consent and control.

Peptic ulcer disease does not preclude using the enlite.me weight loss products, provided that the disease is in remission.

You should make sure that your diet includes sufficient amount of water and prepare your conventional meals in such a way that they are easily digested. You can also split the enlite.me product servings in two, so as to reduce abdominal pains or bloating.

In case of psychogenic eating disorders, i.e. anorexia, bulimia or depression, opting for the most restrictive eating plan is also precluded, with possible exception for milder depression cases, where enlite.comfort and enlite.balance plans may be used, though only with the consent and under strict control of a specialist. 

Type 1 diabetes categorically precludes the use of enlite.one and enlite.comfort programmes.

Patients with type 1 diabetes, taking proper medications, can start their body mass reduction programme from the minimum of 1500 kcal per day.

After two weeks they can gradually reduce that to 1000 kcal per day.

Only under strict medical care and supervision.

If you have type 2 diabetes, you need to consult your doctor about the medications you’re taking and monitor your blood sugar level on a regular basis.  

Ingredients used in the enlite.me products are safe to use by those suffering from celiac disease, lactose intolerance or phenylketonuria.

Age should also be taken into account when considering any diet plan.

  • Children should not be going on a diet.
  • Young people under the age of 16 may use a 1200 kcal plan with 1 or 2 enlite.me products, but only in exceptional cases and only with doctor’s consent.
  • For elderly people (70 and over), any decision about going on a diet should be made individually and after careful evaluation of their overall health condition.

A restrictive weight loss programme should not be used by:

  • women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or less than 3 months after childbirth
  • under-18’s
  • people who suffered a heart attack or stroke, or underwent serious surgery within the last 3 months
  • people who were hospitalised within the last 12 months should consult their doctor.

Our team will gladly answer any additional questions you might have.

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