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Whether you want to quickly drop a clothing size for a big event coming up, or you need to lose weight in order to manage serious health risks, such as diabetes and high cholesterol the enlite.me program will work for you.

At enlite.me we have designed a program that is a natural, safe and healthy way to manage your weight loss journey and offers you multiple ways to lose weight based on your personal needs and goals.

Created using the latest research and global studies into weight loss and weight management the enlite.me program combines healthy, natural and nutritious meal replacements with a well-balanced calorie controlled diet to help you achieve your weight loss goals safely. 

Believe You Can - Think Slim. Get Slim. Stay Slim.

Reaching and maintaining a recommended weight is an important part of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. enlite.me can help you to reach your personal target, maintain your longterm goal weight, and give you the added assurance of a daily diet with balanced nutrition and the proven benefits of soy protein - as well as being delicious!

enlite.me bridges the gap between old eating habits and a new pattern of healthy eating for the rest of your life, so that once you achieve your desired weight, you will be able to maintain it.

enlite.me lets you optimise your weight loss process with a short spurt of healthy, nutritionally complete balanced full meal replacements, or a gradual plan for weight management by supplementing the enlite.me meal replacements with delicious and easy to prepare calorie controlled meals - the choice is entirely yours.

At enlite.me we believe in losing weight the natural and healthy way with a weight loss management system that is all about convenience and nutrition.

The enlite.me program consists of two stages which allow you to lose weight at a pace that suits you best, and, maintain it long-term -

Stage one: lose weight, naturally - plan 1 enlite.one, plan 2 enlite.comfort

Stage two: long-term weight management - plan 3 enlite.balance, plan 4 enlite.life

We are looking forward to see you feeling lighter, healthier, happier and more focussed on life. 

Start today. We believe you can.

Think Slim 

The power of the mind is truly amazing – just think about Olympic athletes and how they train their minds as well as their bodies to meet the challenges they face. They know that a positive 'winner' mind-set will maximize their chance of success.

It's the same with weight loss. Your mind and your body need to work in harmony to get the results you want.

At enlite.me our supportive team can work with you to help you develop that all-important mind-set that'll help you reach your goal weight and stay there.

You're not alone, at enlite.me we're there with you on the journey - every step of the way.

Get Slim 

We know that everybody's an individual and has a different lifestyle and needs so we've made enlite.me flexible. You choose the program that suits you best.

At enlite.me it's all about you - we believe you need choices in the way you lose weight - we make it easy and healthy for you whichever way you want to do it.

Stay Slim 

This is a crucial part of enlite.me's commitment to you - so many people diet and lose weight but just can't keep it off. At enlite.me we support you in your desire to not just get slim but stay slim.

We help make weight maintenance a natural part of your program for a healthy lifestyle and a happy life.

At enlite.me we believe in healthy living

That is why enlite.me has created a program designed to kick-start long-term healthy living goals.

enlite.me understands that managing your weight is important. However it is vital for the right mind-set to be in place or no diet will ever be successful. Our goal is to work with you to establish healthy living habits; habits that will help you manage your weight and create a lighter, healthier you for the rest of your life.

At enlite.me we believe in losing weight the natural and healthy way.

enlite.me promise - we believe in quality, naturally

At enlite.me we believe that you deserve the best quality products.

To improve your health and vitality naturally, we have excluded the ‘cheap and nasty’ ingredients used so commonly in food manufacturing today.

That makes us the only meal replacement company in the world that uses nothing but the best:

enlite.me mini-2no aspartame

no trans fats

enlite.me mini-2no preservatives

enlite.me mini-2no artificial colours

enlite.me mini-2no artificial flavourings

enlite.me mini-2no monosodium glutamate (MSG)

enlite.me mini-2no genetically modified ingredients (non GMO)

enlite.me mini-2no lactose

enlite.me mini-2no dairy

This is a great news for diabetics or anyone who suffers from intolerances.

enlite.me is healthy: Based on scientific research each enlite.me meal replacement sachet is enriched with all the natural vitamins and trace minerals you need for complete nutrition and provides you with at least 33% of your daily requirements.

Three enlite.me servings provide 100% of all the recommended daily allowances (RDAs) your body needs, ensuring safe, fast, easy and effective weight loss.

To help you feel satisfied and optimise your metabolism our meals are high in protein and fibre, low in fat and sodium.

enlite.me meals incorporate the renowned benefits of soya protein, making them completely lactose and dairy free, perfect for those suffering with lactose intolerances. Intensive scientific data has long confirmed that substituting soy protein for animal proteins in your diet can lower blood cholesterol levels, so for high cholesterol patients the enlite.me program offers a healthy way to assist with both weight reduction and the reduction of dangerous cholesterol levels.

enlite.me is safeenlite.me meal replacements are not loaded up with sugar or potentially dangerous artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, so they are also perfectly safe for diabetics.

Importantly the reduction in sugar will assist you to maintain your weight loss in the long term, as you will not have gained a ‘sugar-craving addiction’ like so many who purchase the highly sugar-loaded varieties of fad diet shakes on the market.

enlite.me is naturalenlite.me meal replacements contain no Preservatives, MSG or Genetically Modified Ingredients so you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that enlite.me meal replacements are a nutritionally balanced and natural way to diet.

enlite.me flavoured shakes and soups are delicious and satisfying, making your weight management journey a whole lot more enjoyable. In fact, they tick all the right boxes for the day-to-day smart.food diet as well as effective weight loss regime.

Choose from a range of creamy shakes, which you can easily turn into puddings, including:

enlite.me mini-2Chocolate Heaven

enlite.me mini-2Double Choc Mint

enlite.me mini-2Vanilla Dream

enlite.me mini-2Strawberry Sensation

enlite.me mini-2Chococcino - our signature flavour

According to your preference, sweet shakes can be prepared as icy cold or comforting warm drinks.

Try our range of rich filling soups such as:

enlite.me mini-2Hearty Tomato

enlite.me mini-2Thai Chilli

enlite.me mini-2Cream of Chicken & Mushroom

enlite.me customers tell us time and time again how delicious our meal replacements are and how great they feel losing weight the healthy way … but why take our word for it - start today and try for yourself! We are sure you will enjoy it!

You are most welcome to send us your feedback. While we keep developing new flavours, you can have your say. We might even name it after you!

Proven weight loss results

Formulated, nutritionally complete meal replacement programs (also know as VLCD or LCD) have been shown to be very effective in the treatment of obesity. An average weekly weight loss of approximately 2.0 kg in the first 4 to 6 weeks slows to an average weekly weight loss of approximately 1.0 kg over a 6-month period.

Our key to your success - Clinical data suggest that a high-soy-protein and low-fat diet can improve the body composition in overweight and obese people, losing fat but preserving muscle mass.

We are excited to deliver a weight management system that makes promises it can keep.

enlite.me is the culmination of over 80 years of research in the diet industry.

 - most researched diet

The history of VLCDs goes back to 1929 when Evans and Strang published their results of a diet, which is not too different in composition from those used today. It remains the most extensively used weight loss method in the scientific literature.

This diet made from food ingredients comprising 400 kcal was used to get a more rapid weight loss. Instead of reducing the diets of the obese, they reduced the energy intake to get a more rapid reduction. Based on their experience with hundreds of patients, the authors concluded that it was a safe and effective weight-reducing method.

In the 1970s, this dietary weight-loss concept was reintroduced with great success by Blackburn et al. and Mclean Baird et al. These studies attracted commercial interest, especially in the United States. Unfortunately the commercial use of hydrolyzed collagen as the only protein source and no inclusion of adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes in a “liquid-protein diet” resulted in adverse publicity which has marked VLCDs for many years.

Nevertheless because of the success of a number of nutritionally complete commercial VLCDs, several million people have used VLCDs and lost tons of weight. Also because of the efficacy of the method to lose weight, VLCD is by far the most extensively used weight-loss method in the scientific literature.

Most studies of VLCDs have used these diets as part of a more general weight-reduction program that also included other therapeutic forms, such as Behavioral Therapy and nutritional counseling.

These combined therapy programs are aimed to have an effective weight loss at the start of the treatment using VLCD and the support therapies to promote long-term weight control.

Over the years the definition of VLCD and LCD have changed with regard to the energy-restriction level. In the early days more emphasis was given on the very-low-calorie level with values of 250 kcal per day or less. With the introduction of the international standardization and legislation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the European Union on this type of food restriction, VLCDs are now defined as total diet replacements consisting of approx 800 kcal.

Diets consisting of between 800 and 1200 kcal per day are classified as LCDs, whereas meal replacements values vary between 200 to 400 kcal per serving.

VLCDs are intended to achieve a significant weight loss without the risk of a severe negative nitrogen balance and electrolyte unbalances associated with starvation. Through the provision of enough protein (minimal 50 g) lean body mass is preserved in a way that is comparable with LCDs.

You can refer to us as VLCD, LCD, MR, or even TLC...(tender loving care), we will not get offended!

Our goal is to work with you, to help you reach your desired weight, and to establish healthy living habits; habits that will help you manage your weight and create a lighter, healthier you for the rest of your life.

Ready, set, go!
Choose a plan that fits in with your lifestyle. 


Stage one: Lose weight, naturally.

Stage one focuses on achieving your weight loss goal. You can choose from a number of options and control your weight loss in a way that suits you and your lifestyle.

Whichever you choose you can feel assured that you are receiving all the nutritional values you need in a convenient and easy to prepare form and the generous portion sizes mean you will never feel hungry.

enlite.one - introduces you to a short, manageable program which rapidly kick-starts your healthy weight loss goals. During this time you use only enlite.me meal replacements as your complete source of nutrition, plus the necessary liquids for hydration.

aim: To reverse glycaemic stress and break high carbohydrate addiction and poor eating habits.

•  Recommended when BMI is over 25, with minimum excess weight of 6.5kg and above.

•  Quick, easy, effective and nutritionally sound way to detox and lose weight whilst correcting metabolic issues.

•  The most restrictive program. You should have 3-4 enlite.me servings of your choice a day, giving you approx 800 kcals and 100% RDAs.

•  This step should be followed for a minimum of 3 and maximum of 4 weeks to achieve optimum results. We advise that every 4 weeks you take a food week break. To stay in ketosis during your food week break we advise that you continue to take 3 meal replacements a day with an additional 600 kcals of high protein, low carbohydrate healthy foods such as meat, fish and any green vegetables or green salads.

•  For optimum results this step should be continued until at least 80% of weight loss achieved.

•  Weight loss / fat loss are the results of improving the insulin response.

•  This step can be used until most of the excess weight/fat is lost.

•  This option can also be used at any time during the full program to break a weight loss plateau.

•  Can be used at any time as a quick detox and/or to get back on track.

If you want fast, safe and effective weight loss and you are determined and motivated, then enlite.one is the option for you. All conventional food is replaced with enlite.me meals leading to fast weight loss and a natural suppression of hunger and will enable a weight loss of approximately 8 kg a month.

During enlite.one, enlite.me servings can be taken traditionally as three separate meals or you can divide the sachets to have meals and snacks interspersed throughout your day.

Daily example 1

Daily example 2

Breakfast - 1 full Shake

Breakfast - 1/2 serving Shake

Lunch - 1/2 serving Shake

Mid Morning - 1/2 serving Shake, pudding

Afternoon - 1/2 serving Shake

Lunch - 1 full Soup

Evening meal - 1 full Soup or Shake

Afternoon - 1/2 serving Shake



enlite.comfort - an ideal plan for those of you with challenging work, family and social commitments. enlite.comfort makes it easy, combining meal replacements with a daily meal. If you struggle to stick to other diets because of their restrictions this plan is for you.

aim: To reverse insulin resistance.

•  Your calorie intake will be approximately 1000 kcals a day. The enlite.comfort plan will enable weight loss of approximately 5-6kg a month.

•  Remember that guideline daily intakes for healthy adults with average activity levels are approximately 2000 calories for women and 2500 calories for men. The ‘energy gap’ between these levels and the program you follow will determine the rate at which you lose weight.

•  You will consume 3 enlite.me servings a day, providing approx 660 kcals and 100% RDAs and include a meal of additional 300 kcals of protein such as lean meat, fish and low starch green vegetables or green salad.

•  Stage one combined should be followed for a minimum of 12 weeks to achieve optimum metabolic results.

•  enlite.comfort can be used until all excess weight/fat is lost.

You will feel fantastic once you reach your target weight. The enlite.comfort plan aims to help you make the right food choices, which will help an easy transition into Stage two.

This next stage will help you maintain your target weight and will reintroduce conventional food into your balanced daily menu.

Daily example 1

Daily example 2

Breakfast - 1 full Shake

Breakfast - 1 full Shake

Lunch -

200g fish + green vegetables

Mid Morning - 1/2 serving Shake, pudding

Afternoon - 1 full Shake

Lunch -

1 full Soup + green vegetables

Evening meal - 1 full Soup or Shake

Afternoon - 1/2 serving Shake

Evening meal -

150g chicken + green salad

Allowed treats and snacks -

•  Calorie-free: cucumber, celery, lettuce, watercress, green pepper.

•  25 kcals: 1 large raw carrot, 1 small kiwi, 1 satsuma, 1 brazil nut, 5 peanuts (2g), 3 dried apricots, 150ml tomato juice.

•  50 kcals: 125g pot low sugar/low fat yoghurt, 1 finger of Kit- Kat, 150ml unsweetened fresh fruit juice or any 1 low calorie fruit.



Stage two: Long-term weight management.

Stage two focuses on creating a healthier you for the rest of your life.

During this time you use enlite.me meal replacements combined with a calorie controlled diet to develop the right mind-set and healthy eating habits to manage your long term weight loss success.

enlite.balance - this plan is designed to help you lose the last few kg and to reintroduce conventional food into your balanced daily menu.

enlite.me servings are now consumed along with a healthy, high protein - low carbohydrate conventional meals.

aim: To create healthy eating habits, balanced diet conscious.

  • Your calorie intake will consist of approximately 1200-1400 kcals a day. The enlite.balance plan will enable further weight loss of approximately 1-3kg a month.
  • You will consume 2 enlite.me servings a day, providing around 450 kcals. The remaining 700-850 calories will come from healthy, well balanced meals, consisting of protein such as lean meat, fish, eggs and low starch green vegetables or green salads. This combination will deliver 100% RDAs.
  • Your daily diet will now include daily portions of fruit, around the 50 kcal mark.
  • You are now able to start gentle fitness routine, to help balance and burn extra calorie intake, and to start toning your muscles.
  • enlite.balance can be used until all excess weight/fat is lost.
  • enlite.balance can be used when some contraindications are present and a diet above 1000 kcal is recommended.

Daily example, 1200 kcal

Daily example, 1400 kcal

Breakfast -

1/2 serving Shake + 1 small fruit

Breakfast -

1/2 serving Shake + 1 small fruit

Mid Morning -

1/2 serving Shake, fresh vegetables

Mid Morning -

1/2 serving Shake, pudding, nuts

Lunch -

200g grilled fish + green salad

Lunch -

Minestrone soup + white beans

Afternoon -

150g yoghurt + 1 small fruit

Afternoon -

1 full Shake, 1 small fruit

Evening meal -

1 full Soup + green vegetables

Evening meal -

2 egg omelette + green salad



enlite.life - seeing results leads to greater results. Weight management is not only about weight loss, but other areas in your life. Your weight loss success will naturally prompt you to be a lot more active and lively.

Maintain your target weight for life, we’ll be glad to help you along your new journey.

aim: Mindful choices. Mindful wellbeing.

The enlite.life plan is designed to help you maintain your weight loss success.

Even after reaching a healthy weight, you can continue to replace one meal a day with enlite.me. That way, you enjoy the dual benefits of weight maintenance and optimum nutrition.

Over time you will find your body naturally responding to your new eating habits. enlite.me system is about long term success, coming back to conventional food will enable your body to comfortably re-adapt and prevent it from suddenly regaining weight or retaining water.

  • Your calorie intake will consist of approximately 2000-2500 kcals a day, which will be delivered by a healthy balanced daily diet. When you choose to add an enlite.me meal to your menu, it will be a part of your total daily kcal intake. Remember that guideline daily intakes for healthy adults with average activity levels are approximately 2000 calories for women and 2500 calories for men. As you want to maintain your goal weight, make sure you stay within the recommended kcal guidelines. The ‘energy gap’ between these levels will now determine your long-term weight maintenance sustainability.
  • You are now able to start more vigorous fitness routine.
  • enlite.me can be used as a healthy choice snack, when you’re too busy to cook, or, when you feel, you’ve over-indulged. As we are only human - reach for a convenient, delicious and nutritious enlite.me shake or soup.
  • Be mindful in your food choices, in staying positive and on track, not going back to old habits. 
    Keep the weight away for good. Enjoy and live the new glorious You.


Join us at enlite.me because our program for weight loss is not about fad-diets.
It is about sensible strategies to help improve your happiness, health and fitness by creating the right attitude for your long term weight loss success and the improved well-being of your mind, body and soul.


enlite.me plans - summary

Your Success

Success with weight loss depends on three things: 

  1. eating the right food,
  2. exercise and fitness
  3. a positive, can-do attitude

Many weight loss plans focus on the first two but here at enlite.me we know that without No. 3 people find it really hard to stick to diet and exercise programs even though it's what they want to do. Keeping up the motivation is a big ask for anyone and in our full and busy lives we understand that it can be a real challenge.

It's hard for any of us to change lifestyle habits and stick to a weight loss plan and fitness regime so we decided we'd make it our business at enlite.me to fully support you in keeping a positive attitude and adopting an all-round healthy lifestyle that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Your Commitment

One of the foundations of motivation is commitment. Once we really commit to something rather than just half heartedly think we'd like to do it then what happens is that something inside of us shifts.

It's almost as if our real self, deep inside us, makes the decision and then we rally all our resources behind our commitment so that we see it through.

We will falter and meet challenges on the way, that's part of the journey, but your coach will be there to help you through those.

What really matters is that rock solid commitment you make with yourself that this time it's going to happen and...'if it's gonna be, it's up to me' - adapted from William H. Johnson, African American artist

Rules of Engagement

Mix the shakes with 300 ml of water by using the following methods:

  • Shaker cup
  • Blender
  • Whisk

Mix the soup with near boiling water (do not use freshly boiled water to the product as the boiling process reduces the nutrient value)

Drink 2-3 litres of fresh water daily. A great tip is to fill up a 1.5 bottle of water and carry with you all day. Your aim is to consume 2 of those over the course of the day. Another suggestion is to take a vanilla bean and place it in your mineral water in the fridge. The vanilla bean extract provides a refreshing change to straight water and the vanilla bean can be reused for at least 5 more bottles over time. For a spritzer effect add fresh slices of lemon or squeeze fresh lime juice into your mineral water. 

Coffee and tea are permitted but please avoid sweeteners and any dairy. Try herbal teas as an alternative if you cannot drink them black. 

Exercise is an important part of maintaining muscle tone and encouraging weight loss to be as progressive as possible. 30 minutes a day minimum is recommended and this can be achieved by a brisk walk etc. The important thing is to keep moving as much as possible during the day. Make concessions by getting off the bus one stop early, walking first thing in the morning so you don’t have time to make any excuses and going for a brisk stroll at lunchtime. Getting some music on an ipod that inspires you can really help you get into the swing of things as well as doing these exercises with a partner or friend.

Many parks in your area also provide fitness stations to be incorporated into your brisk walk. Strength training is important in maintaining good muscle mass and will assist in keeping areas firm when rapid weight loss occurs. As you become fitter continue to challenge yourself by picking your pace up and increasing your time exercising.

And last but not least be gentle with yourself. If you follow the guidelines above you will lose weight, become healthier and also develop a keen sense of achievement that will enable you to continue to move forward and be the person you want to be. Have faith and congratulate yourself everyday for your commitment to your plan.

It is not a matter of if but a matter of how fast and when - start your enlite.me journey today!

Stay on track. Get there to stay there. We believe you can.

Our team will gladly answer any additional questions you might have.

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